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Raghu Dixit in concert.

30th january

6:30 pm onwards

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19 Days to Fundamental 2010 - by Mrinalini Sardar

19 Days to Fundamental 2010.

19 days left. What do I write?

When Shrutika invited me to contribute to this blog, I did not know where to begin. As a dutiful senior should I motivate my juniors or share my experiences as a core team member of last year’s Fundamental.

Well. Fundamental is truly about sharing.

Sharing experiences, work-load, fun, friendship, interactions, mistakes, regrets and above all sacrifices and responsibility.

Last year, around this time the whole college must have gone home and what remained, were a bunch of people overtly dedicated to Fundamental. So much was the love that they forgot family, holidays, weddings, boyfriends, girlfriends and sumptuous home-cooked food to stay back and make it happen.

On the last day of 2008, I stood alone in the balcony of an empty college thinking about the coming year. My brain seemed over-worked and under-slept. Rushed in a group of business-men/event organizers with black shiny shoes and even shinier coats. They informed me with extreme directness that the auditorium has been booked for the exact dates Fundamental was scheduled for and we either had to postpone the festival or just cancel it. I promptly displayed a victorious smile but wondered inwardly how such a mistake could happen even after carefully pre-registering the dates with the Director and Campus Administrator for keeping the auditorium vacant. Behind my victorious smile I had unimaginable trepidation while the rest of the core team looked calm but perplexed. The matter went up to higher authorities and a mutual agreement was decided upon after a tiring ordeal of ‘decent arguments’. But what saved Fundamental that day from getting cancelled was a piece of paper that Vidhya Appu, my fellow core team member had carefully safe guarded among countless documents. A signed document for ‘auditorium registration’ as proof of the verbal promises made by the SID authorities saved the festivals’ fundamental existence.

There are many more experiences that make Fundamental truly special to me. Ganesh kaka and Sunil Bhaiya rushing in with extension chords and wires when sponsors ran behind us for the accurate wiring plans for setting up their gaming consoles. Anand Sir, SID’s computer wizard, staying back for two consecutive nights to assure that we did not blow up the college before the D-Day. When unexpected guests arrived for accommodation at 2 a.m. and my face became awfully pale, Kritika Bajpai, my dear friend, opened up her cozy student flat to accommodate them. When the printing of all the backdrops got delayed making the promotion team and event coordinators dreadfully cold as we closed our negotiations with our last sponsors. When Mihir Joshi, and I managed to reach Hinjewadi, the evening before the D-day after the bike broke down and in absolute fuel and financial bankruptcy, to convince uninterested business men to support and value a design festival. When rumors spread about teams and finances and it felt that toiling behind it seemed trivial, Gursimaranjeet Gill stood up and expressed his disgust to the vices that attempted to tarnish the fundamentals behind this festival. Every time any title sponsor said ‘no’, Aditi and I would run to maushi and the college tapri for some stimulating chai bursting with sugar to keep the smiles rolling.

No matter what, the trust remained intact between every individual behind Fundamental as things looked brighter and easier when we shared our mistakes and responsibilities.

Being on the other side of Fundamental, I can safely say this festival is not merely a college festival but a lesson for life. It teaches every individual to share responsibilities and sacrifices. There may be innumerable dilemmas and obstacles but at the end the correct decisions shall lay the foundations of its formation.

It is time for Fundamental 2010. A meager 19 days left. The time now is to share, interact, connect and work hard. Believe me, no sacrifice will seem big when the two elephants with equally conflicting minds release their powers at the end of this month. Contributing to any aspect of this festival will definitely preserve its immortality.

Only praying now, that the deep-rooted quality of sharing behind this festival does not become ephemeral and every SID-an feels the warmth and pulse that Fundamental generates every year.

Mrinalini Sardar

4th Year, Graphic Design,

Communication Design, SID.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Confusion? Theme and Day Names

After three long months full of swine flu upsurges resulting in 1. almost a month long break from college and 2. everybody running away from Pune; we didn't know what to do. Even after all this, came in a lot of instability and stressful nights, where dead lines could not be met. All of us had started to think that Fdm 2010 was jinxed. People started avoiding meetings and during the swine flu epidemic we thought of meeting up online, but nothing worked. Finally, we gave all that we had and came up with what everyone now knows about Fdm 2010.

The theme for Fdm 2010, that is, Create Destroy Sustain, was finalized in a days time, after our very first meeting, but the day names were still hanging in mid air. Everytime we met, we came up with names and ideas but nothing worked and nothing made us say "WOW! This is it". There were unending and at times even meaningless arguments, but no zeroing down to the day names.

On the last day given to us for the themes, the core team along with the committee sat down throughout the night to finalize the themes, because it was high time and high levels of mental block were hovering all of us. The meeting had begun at 5 pm and went on till 7 am the next morning, and still we did not have a concrete set of day names, besides all this ofcourse everyone had their classes to attend till 4 pm. So, after everyone attended their classes the teams met up once again, without sleeping for 32 hours at stretch. This time everyone was too stressed out and sleepy, and hellbent on finalizing the day names before 7 pm. It was actually very tiring.

We waited till 6.30 and still couldn’t finalize the day names. So we devised a new way of doing it. The teams shortlisted 5 of their favourite name trios and asked everyone to vote, like ONE! And we know which trio finally won, the whole college knows, JOD TOD MOD !

After the unveiling ceremony, there has been a slight confusion about the day names and the themes. Just to erase it all, let’s go through this once.

Well, the theme of the fest means the soul of the whole fest, which means that whatever events take place in the fest would majorly be classified on the basis of the theme. Also, the installations, performances, music and all our work would majorly head in a direction so as to depict that. Secondly, after the theme, come the day names which were derived from the theme, and carry the essence of the theme all along. But, these are what are days will be called, i.e., Day1 will be called Jod, Day 2 Tod and Day 3 Mod. Since the day names carry the theme and its soul too, the installations and various other happenings on the 3 days can relate to the days too.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fundamental 2010 - the story till now

23rd July, 2009 : Selection of the Fdm 2010 committee

Five and a half months post Fdm 2009, it was time for the Fdm committee to be selected from the 2007-11 batch. Once again everyone was excited about the names that were going to be announced.

The ceremony started with Athira Rayaroth performing on Ashtalaxmi Strotam. It was a neat and graceful performance. The director of the institute, Mr. Vinay Mundhada then spoke a few words on fest and it's importance for our college. He also joked about this years opening dance dedicated to Laxmiji and not Ganeshji, in order to gather good money for the fest.

After an introduction to Fundamental by the director, the Deputy Director was invited on stage to announce the committee members' names. A gigantesque committee of 50 students was then called up on the stage.

The core team had put in immense hard work for a successful ceremony, and it did show because never before had such a selection ceremony taken place. Five months of slogging for an extraordinary committee, their committee; after all the whole batch was going to work as one for one big Festival that was close and dear to everyone's hearts, not only the 3rd years.

A la fin, the core team personally congratulated all the selected people. There were smiling faces and there were sad faces, all over again. The selected students' joy knew no bounds and they didn't no one important thing either, the essential and the real fact.....

.....that the amount of work that was supposed to be done in the coming months wasn't a joke. There was loads of work in store for everyone and a lot of pressure, anger, frustration and complications that had to be handled.

12th October, 2009 : Unveiling ceremony of Fdm 2010

Voila! Finally, the day arrived!

This was a day to remember, eagerly awaited with excitement and bated breath for months. The unveiling of the Fundamental 2010 logo and theme was going to be a flurry of activities and hence the anticipation was palpable.

The event started with a lively speech by, core team members Kshitiz Sharma and Shrutika Gupta subtly highlighting the soul of the logo – we CREATE, we DESTROY and we SUSTAIN. They duly acknowledged the sterling effort and perseverance of the committee teams for making the unveiling a reality.

This was followed by a modern day fusion dance performance by the second year students; excellently choreographed and bringing to life the essence of the theme and what the logo was about to convey. The event had reached a crescendo and had the audience desperately awaiting the moment of truth – the grand unveiling of the logo.

The spiral staircase was lined with the entire college cheering and clapping in gay abandon and there suddenly descended rolls of orange satin cloths gently unfurling and landing from the ceiling to the floor, the roar of the audience was deafening when suddenly yet elegantly the logo was unveiled in its magnificence for all to see, truly a mesmerizing effect bringing to life in all its abundance the soul ‘n’ spirit – we CREATE, we DESTROY and we SUSTAIN.

The day names were also revealed along with the logo and the theme, JOD TOD MOD, then went perfectly well with the soul of Fdm 2010. They hung from the ceiling too, above the lotus pond in a vertical line, one below the other, looking fancy and adding to the beauty of the college. Indeed, the college look like one of it’s kind and finally we could say that a design college was putting their hardwork into making something biggggggggggg and remarkable!

Fundamental creativity at it's best!

Coming Soon : 1. Confusion? Theme and Day Names
2. Journey to Create Destroy Sustain and Jod Tod Mod
3. Eating on Banana Leaves

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a pure white pair of boxers to work on . . . showcase your idea of junk graphics . . . This is your chance to go bizarre in the chaddi bazaar.

fdm 2010 - TOD day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

31st December, 2009; 6:40 A.M.


Today is the last day of 2009. All of us are ready to welcome 2010 and Fundamental 2010 thats scheduled from 27th to 30th of Jan. Now on you'll have a regular update about Fundamental 2010 and the inner world. Since we are left with only 26 days (that's scary, believe me) for the fest, you should know whats happens when the pressure teems up and so do the frustration and excitement levels. We welcome all your suggestions, comments, views and ideas on this world to make the world of Fdm 2010 a lot better. So like we said earlier, feel free to submit your articles related to fundamental to us and other stuff too, like pictures, videos, caricatures, etc.

Coming up soon.... Fundamental 2010 - the story till now